Face Cleanser
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Face Cleanser

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We know you know the golden rule : NEVER SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP!  But… you’re tired… and you just want to go to bed after a fabulous night.  Make it easier on yourself with this luxury face cleanser!  Use it to loosen and lift your makeup, as well as the oil and dirt accumulated after a night out. This face cleanser is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

The double head makes it the most ideal beauty tool to have in your bathroom.  The cushioned bristle side stimulates your skin, aiding in collagen production and the super soft brush side promotes circulation as well as making certain all the makeup is being washed away so you can sleep tight.  After you’ve removed your makeup, use it to massage your favorite serum into your fresh skin. 

This face cleanser is safe for sensitive skin and is superior to makeup wipes because you don’t have to throw it away after every use (better for Mother Earth!) and it ACTUALLY removes all your makeup.