Our CEO has often said she would take a pill to make her blood sparkly.  And she means this purely out of her passionate love for glitter.  Have you ever been told you are “no longer allowed to glitter things in the house”?  Well you might be a Bosun Beauty babe.  It comes with the mindset.  Glitter makes everything better.  And we mean everything!

The truth is - we all love to sparkle and some of us like to do it outwardly. 

We have created custom BosunBeauty glitter mixes that were created with that same intense love our CEO has for sparkles.  High quality loose polyester glitters provide ultra radiance and flashback, so you can gleam wherever you’re feeling extra!

Safe for nails, crafts (painting, resin, candles, apparel, bath bombs), glam (lips, face, body), hair, and more.  The FDA does not approve the use of chunky glitter for eyes.

Works with glitter primer, glue, epoxy, adhesives and more.